Questa è una delle cose che mi piace fare - disegnare sulle unghie! Vi presento le mie creazioni...
Ovo je jedna od stvari koje volim da radim - oslikavanje noktiju! Predstavljam vam moje kreacije...
This is one of the things I enjoy doing - nail painting! I present to you my creations...

21 March, 2014

Superficially Colorful Lacquer: Fascinated and opening of Superficially Colorful Shop! :-)

This post is going to be a little longer than usual, but at the end I have some important and interesting news about Superficially Colorful Shop! :-)

At the beginning of January I got a gift package from my dear blogging friend Jin Jit, Superficially Colorful blog :-) 
That package was very special because it contained her handmade thermal nail polishes! :-) 
You can see them in my post Nail Mail from Israel - Superficially Colorful Lacquers

I already tried and swatched three of these beautiful thermal nail polishes:
- Serene, you can see it in my post Superficially Colorful Lacquers: Serene, and with nail art in my post Black little flowers on Serene :-)
- Meditative, you can see it in my post Superficially Colorful Lacquers: Meditative, and with nail art in my post Peacock feather on teal :-)
- Enthralled, you can see it in my post Superficially Colorful Lacquers: Enthralled, and with nail art in my post Little white flowers and dots on Enthralled :-)

Today I present to you another beautiful Superficially Colorful Lacquer thermal polish named Fascinated :-)

As my nails are not long and my fingers are (almost) always cold, I used my hair-drier to experiment the change of colour :-) But, the next day, wearing this nail polish with my nail art on, I experienced really nice natural change of colour also without hair-drier's help :-)

Like with other three Superficially Colorful nail polishes that I already tried and swatched I didn't have any problem with the application, it went very smooth and easy. Two normal coats are enough to get the perfect coverage :-) 
I like also the brush that is medium size, not too thin, not too large, I find it very comfortable to work with :-)

I don't really find the right words to explain to you how much I love these two colours, so this nail polish was kind of made for me, purple and blue, what else could I ask? :-)

These photographs are made outside in the sun, and you can see two layers of nail polish, without top coat.

Tomorrow you will see how it looks with some nail art and with top coat, so you could appreciate it also that way when the shimmer comes out in a beautiful way! :-) 

Fascinated: cold nails

Fascinated: warm nails

Fascinated: cold nails + warm bottle

Fascinated: warm nails + cold bottle

Fascinated: cold bottle

Fascinated: warm bottle

Fascinated: beautiful gradient effect :-)

Even if I'm late with this news (as this beautiful thing happened on March 3rd), I am really happy to tell you that Jin's Superficially Colorful shop is officially opened!!! :-)
So, please go and check her website Superficially Colorful Swatches, nail art and hand-made polish :-)
There you can find not only these beautiful thermal nail polishes that I got from her and showed to you, but also all the other nail polishes that she makes and many other interesting things like her posts and her beautiful manicures! :-)
Also, on her website you can choose how to follow her, using Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and all the other possibilities :-) and I strongly recommend you to do it because this girl is fantastic! I like her, I like her manicures and I adore her nail polishes! :-)
This is how Jin describes her beautiful nail polish that I'm showing you today:
"Fascinated is a thermochromic nail polish which changes from a dark cold purple with blue, violet and fuchsia shimmer to a medium cornflower blue / blurple.
It dries to a matte finish and looks at its best with some Top Coat.
Fascinated is part of the Mood Swings collection of thermochromic shimmer polishes. They change color at around 86°F/30°C.
Depending on the temperature of your hands compared to that of your surroundings, the polish can create a nice effortless gradient right on your nails.
They are slightly thicker than regular polishes and will look at their best with a top coat, which will emphasize the shimmer in them.
.4 fl oz. / 12ml
Note - Due to the nature of the thermal pigment, the thermal capabilities will diminish with time and the polishes will eventually remain in their “cold” variation.
However, my testing as showed that they still change color after about 18 months."
I hope that her thermal polishes will last and change colour for a long time, but I have some doubts - I think that I will finish them quickly so they will not have enough time to "stop functioning" :-) Anyway, after 18 (or even many more) months, if the change of colour will not be so much noticeable, I will definitely use them because I like their base colours (the "cold" colours) and I like their finish too! :-)
Dear Jin, thank you for this beautiful gift that you sent me! :-) I'm happy that I tried your nail polishes and enjoyed them even before the opening of your shop! I wish you all the best, lot of followers, lot of buyers and many more new interesting Superficially Colorful nail polishes! :-)


  1. This one is gorgeous when cold and in the transition :)

    1. I don't care if I'll have cold or warm hands and fingers, because this nail polish looks beautiful both ways! :-) And I love this gradient effect! :-)

  2. This is absolutely gorgeous! What a pretty finish! Those are my two favourite colours too. Beautiful swatch dear. I'm curious to see what you came up with for tomorrow.
    Have a happy Friday and a great weekend!

    1. Thank you, Giovanna! :-) I like the "natural" finish of Jin's thermal polishes, it is kind of matte velvety finish, but I like them also with top coat on, then you can see also the beautiful shimmer they have! :-) And, yes, tomorrow I will show it with some nail art on, and with top coat! :-)

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you, Irina! :-) It is really amazing and Jin has also other thermal and non-thermal polishes that are as beautiful as this one! :-)

  4. Wow, this is the most beautiful color changing polish that I have ever seen. I am super curious to see the nail art!
    Have an awesome weekend!

    1. Thank you, Andrea! :-) I have five of her thermal nail polishes and I love them all :-)

  5. what a difference in this is a color changer - and both shades are beautiful

    1. Yes, it is a real colour changer! I didn't have any thermal nail polish before, but I started the right way and I love Jin's nail polishes! :-)

  6. e ovo je lak po mom gustu, obozavam i plavu i ljubicastu nijansu :D moras napravit neki kul nail art s ovima sto mijenjaju boju mislim da bi ludilo izgledalo

    1. Hehehe, znala sam da ce ti se dopasti, bar sto se tice ove "tople" varijante :-) Sa top coat-om je jos bolji :-) Mislim, ja volim i ovaj originalni mat finish, ali kad stavis top coat vidi se sav shimmer ovog lakica! :-)

  7. E' davvero bellissimo!!!!!!! E che notizia che Jin ha aperto il negozio!!!!!

    1. Davvero bellissimo, sono d'accordo! :-) Ed è davvero una bella notizia che adesso questi smalti si possono anche acquistare! :-)

  8. The color change effect is very beautiful!

    1. Thank you, Mari! :-) All her thermal polishes are beautiful, each one is special in some way! :-)

  9. što se mene tiče - savršen <3
    a sad ih možemo i kupiti :D

    1. Savrsen jer se radi o "nasim" bojama, a ima ih jos mnogo drugih boja, za svakog ponesto :-) A raduje me to sto je konacno otvorila njenu malu online radnjicu pa mozemo i da kupimo ponesto! :-)

  10. ♥ ♥ ♥
    Nothing more I can say really... You left me completely speechless... Love you so very much!!!
    ♥ ♥ ♥

    1. I'm happy that you like my swatches, it was my pleasure having them also before you started selling them... and I really love them, thank you! :-)


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