Questa è una delle cose che mi piace fare - disegnare sulle unghie! Vi presento le mie creazioni...
Ovo je jedna od stvari koje volim da radim - oslikavanje noktiju! Predstavljam vam moje kreacije...
This is one of the things I enjoy doing - nail painting! I present to you my creations...

29 February, 2012

Kiko Frozen Nail Lacquer: Brown Leather

Vi presento lo smalto Brown Leather della collezione Kiko Frozen Nail Lacquer.
Fotografie: fuori al sole. Due strati di smalto.

Predstavljam vam lak za nokte Brown Leather iz kolekcije Kiko Frozen Nail Lacquer.
Fotografije: napolju na suncu. Dva sloja laka.

I present to you the nail polish Brown Leather from the collection Kiko Frozen Nail Lacquer.
Photographs: outside in the sun. Two layers of nail polish.

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  1. njami, miriše mi na čokoladu... s kavom ;-D

    1. Moze, moze! Ja ne volim kafu, ali cokoladu, bombone, torte sa ukusom kafe obozavam! :-)

  2. Oh I love this polish!! it's gorgeous!
    and I really love all your nail art. They are awesome!! later I will go through them all!!! ;-D

    1. Yes, I agree, I like it a lot and I made many manicures with this polish! :-)
      Welcome to my blog! :-)


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