Questa è una delle cose che mi piace fare - disegnare sulle unghie! Vi presento le mie creazioni...
Ovo je jedna od stvari koje volim da radim - oslikavanje noktiju! Predstavljam vam moje kreacije...
This is one of the things I enjoy doing - nail painting! I present to you my creations...

29 December, 2013

Black & white manicure with hexagonal glequins

Flormar Matte M01 White
Acrylic colours
hexagonal glequins
NYC n° 138 Classy Glassy top coat

Flormar Matte M01 White

I present to you the nail polish Flormar Matte M01 White.
Photographs: outside in the sun, two layers of nail polish, without top coat.

28 December, 2013

Golden Christmas flowers

I could write that I have a dress like this for the New Year's Eve and that this is the perfect matching manicure... but, it wouldn't be true :-) 
I don't have a dress like this, I just missed some flowers on my nails and I draw them golden to remain in this festive mood :-)

Kiko n° 304 Silver Chrome (one coat)
Kiko n° 205 Gold French White (one coat, layered over Silver Chrome)
Acrylic colours
Golden beads
NYC n° 138 Classy Glassy top coat

27 December, 2013

Light green & white flowers on textured olive green

Ebalay GO20 Olive Gold Dust
Acrylic colours
half round silver metal rhinestones

KKCenterHk review: Ebalay G020 Olive Gold Dust

This beautiful nail polish was kindly offered to me from KKCenterHk for this review. You can find it on their web site with this name: EBALAY Olive Gold Dust Styling Nail Polish, item ID: EBALAY-G020.

The nail polish comes in a 15 ml bottle, like other EBALAY bottles, also this bottle is very stylish, it is round shaped on the front side and it is flat on the back side :-) 

There are 10 different colours and they are all very interesting, you can see them here: Nail Polish Shimmering. I already have some textured nail polishes (...maybe even too many of them, but I can't help it, I adore them...), so I chose olive green because it seemed to me like a very particular green and I didn't have anything similar in my collection :-) But, I would like also some other EBALAY Gold Dust nail polishes, like Black, Coconut Brown, Purple, Light Blue (this one seems like a very special, could be my next "victim"!)... :-) 

This nail polish is a little bit thicker than my other textured polishes, but I can "forgive" this fact and allow some more drying time to this beauty :-) I needed two layers for a complete opacity. 

So, here it is, EBALAY G020 Olive Gold Dust :-)

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed my review! 

KKCenterHk was also kind enough to give my readers 10% off their purchase with the code: raggio-di-luna-nails. Happy shopping! :-)