Questa è una delle cose che mi piace fare - disegnare sulle unghie! Vi presento le mie creazioni...
Ovo je jedna od stvari koje volim da radim - oslikavanje noktiju! Predstavljam vam moje kreacije...
This is one of the things I enjoy doing - nail painting! I present to you my creations...

28 June, 2022

Born Pretty review: BP Black Spar Series UV gel BP116

Today I present you UV gel polish BP Black Spar Series UV gel BP116, that I got from Born Pretty for my honest review :-)  

You can find it on BornPretty website with this name: Black Spar Series | Trendy Summer Gel Nail Polish - 41 Colors, item ID: 54247-116BP116.

I didn't have problems working with BP Black Spar Series UV gel BP116, the application was smooth and easy! :-) I needed three thin layers for a full opacity. 

As base and top UV gel polish I used BP UV gel base coat polish and BP UV gel top coat polishEvery layer of UV gel polish and UV base/top coat is cured 2 minutes in 36W UV lamp

So, here it is, BP Black Spar Series UV gel BP116! :-) 
I hope you like it as much as I do!! :-)

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25 June, 2022

White & purple & creamy "fake" water marble effect manicure

....I have to admit that I'm "in war" with water marble technique :-)

I have a lot of patience for everything else: stamping, water decals, mosaic effect manicures, free-hand drawing (also very complicated and detailed...), UV gel manicures, creating with very tiny nail art sequins...

But, it seems that I have not enough patience to practice water marble technique (...maybe because it's too "messy" for me... and I was never satisfied with my results so I never published my water marble manicures on my blog... 

Well, sometimes miracles happen and maybe one day I will create a nice water marble manicure that I'll like... and of course, I will share it with you :-)

Nevertheless, I like water marble effect very much, so today I would like to share with you my "fake" water marble effect manicure, made completely with acrylic colours and using my free-hand drawing skills... :-) 
I hope you like it :-)