Questa è una delle cose che mi piace fare - disegnare sulle unghie! Vi presento le mie creazioni...
Ovo je jedna od stvari koje volim da radim - oslikavanje noktiju! Predstavljam vam moje kreacije...
This is one of the things I enjoy doing - nail painting! I present to you my creations...

02 January, 2015

Born Pretty Store review: stamping plate BP-21 - Black & golden manicure with golden beads

I got this beautiful stamping plate from Born Pretty Store. You can find it on their website with this name: 4 Mixed Patterns Nail Art Stamp Template Image Plate Born Pretty 21, item ID: 17266.

The stamping plate that I'm showing you today is the BP-21, one of new Born Pretty Store stamping plates. 
As you can see, the designs on it are circles, waves, lines or filigree and they are all beautiful and eye-catching :-) I like all of them :-) 

When it comes to stamping manicures I'm just a beginner, so if you are a beginner like me maybe these instructions will be useful to you; if you are already a "pro" in stamping, you can just skip this part and scroll down to my manicure :-)

All Born Pretty Store stamping plates are protected by a thin protective film, you should remove the film before use, so that the nail polish can be transferred by the stamper :-)

1. apply base coat or regular nail polish on your nail, let it dry completely
2. apply nail polish to desired image on your stamping plate; you could use special stamping nail polishes, or find out which nail polishes from your collection work good for stamping
3. with a scraper leaned over 45 degrees scrape off excessive nail polish quickly from inside to outside border of your stamping plate
4. press the stamper with a gentle rolling motion to "pick up" the design, so that the image is transferred on the stamp
5. stamp the image on your nail with a gentle rolling motion, so that the image is transferred on your nail
6. apply top coat to "seal" your manicure

As you might know I love free hand nail art and I enjoy it a lot, but if you are not so good in free hand drawing or when you don't have so much free time for a complicated free hand drawing manicure, stamping plates could be a very good solution for you! :-) Of course, it needs a little bit of practice (just like every other nail art technique) but it offers many different possibilities and interesting designs! :-)

I didn't have any problem working with this stamping plate, the image transfered to my nails easily, so I think that Born Pretty Store stamping plates are a good choice, also for beginners like me :-) And, there are so many new Born Pretty Store stamping plates with so many beautiful designs that the only problem you could have is which one to choose :-)

Here is my manicure, I hope you like it! :-)

Essence Colour&Go n°176 Headphones On!
NYC n° 119 City Blackout
NYC n° 002 Full Metal Jacket
Born Pretty Store stamping plate BP-21
Kiko 3 in 1 Shine fortifying fast dry base/top coat

Do you like stamping? Do you have some Born Pretty Store stamping plates? If you would like to try some nice stamping designs, you can find this beautiful stamping plate BP-21 on Born Pretty Store website

Here is also my 10% off coupon code that you can use on any purchase :-)


  1. It's so beautiful - somehow it makes me think of the inside of a clock!!

    1. Thank you, Maria :-) Maybe those circles look like inside clock mechanism to you :-)

  2. This looks amazing. I just love it! :-D

  3. ma necu ti uopce gledat vise ove lijepe manikure sto da kritiziram :D

    1. Pa, hajde, sigurno ima nesto da se kritikuje, uvek ima... :-) Bice mi dosadno ako tako nastavis :-)

  4. Hi Tanja,
    The patterns of this plate are all in my taste.
    You've made a beautiful mani.

    1. Thank you, Catherine! :-) I like all the patterns on this stamping plate, and there are many, many other beautiful new stamping plates on Born Pretty Store website :-)

  5. Che bella manicure, come sempre ci hai messo un bel po' di fantasia *___*
    A me piace un sacco lo stamping, prima o poi mi prenderò anche qualcuna di queste plate...

    1. Due mesi fa ho sfidato me stessa a provare e migliorare le mie abilità di stamping, la strada è ancora lunga, ma sono contenta come mi va :-) E mi piacciono BPS stamping plates, un sacco! :-)

  6. lako je tebi kad te perlice slušaju, kladim se da se same i poslože ;)

    1. Hahaha, trebala bi videti moj sto prepun perlica koje beze na sve strane :-) Ovde nije bilo nekog posebnog slaganja, sve na gomilu...! :-)


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