Questa è una delle cose che mi piace fare - disegnare sulle unghie! Vi presento le mie creazioni...
Ovo je jedna od stvari koje volim da radim - oslikavanje noktiju! Predstavljam vam moje kreacije...
This is one of the things I enjoy doing - nail painting! I present to you my creations...

26 June, 2018

Born Pretty Store review: UR Sugar Crystal quick building gel set

Today I would like to present you a new product that was kindly sent to me from Born Pretty Store for this review. It is UR Sugar Crystal quick poly building gel set and you can find it on their website with this name: 30ml Quick Poly Building Gel Slip Solution Nail False Mold Tips Spatula Brush Nail Files Crystal Cup, item ID: 42431.

This set contains the following products, all of them are necessary for the proper and correct application:
~30 ml quick building poly polish gel, nude (URP03)
~30 ml quick building poly polish gel, clear (URP07)
~dual-ended nail art brush; total length: approx. 17.2cm, bristle length: approx. 8mm, spatula length: approx. 5.5cm
~box with mold tips in different dimensions; material: high quality ABS, quantity: approx. 100 pcs; size: 10 different sizes; color: transparent
~slip solution liquid, capacity: 20ml
~crystal glass cup with lid
~nail file

1. lightly file the nail surface
2. apply a very thin layer of UV base coat, cure it under UV/LED lamp
3. select the shape of mold tip that suits your nail perfectly
4. using the metallic part of the dual-ended nail brush (spatula) take a small ammount of UR Sugar Crystal quick poly building gel and place it on the mold tip
5. damp the bristle part of the dual-ended nail brush in slip solution liquid and spread the gel evenly on the mold tip, until it gets smooth
6. stick the mold tip to your nail, take care to position it correctly, press it, clean the eventual excess on the sides using the brush and slip solution
7. cure it under UV/LED lamp
8. remove the mold tip, moving it gently and pressing the borders until it gets off your nail
9. shape your new poly building gel nail using the nail file
10. procede with the nail art manicure that you desire (apply normal nail polish, UV gel nail polish, anything that you like, following your immagination...)

This is my first time to use this kind of gel and mold tips to extend my nails; as you can see, at the beginning my natural nails are really short, but using UR Sugar Crystal quick building gel and following the procedure that I described above, I got very nice final result! :-)
Of course, this is only my first time doing it, I surely have some things to improve, but I am already very happy with what I've created! :-)

My impressions: UR Sugar Crystal quick building gel is easy to work with, I didn't have big problems and nail after nail I got more and more confident :-)

These are two things that I could recommend you, they are connected one with another: 
1. be careful when choosing the mold tip, choose the size that suits your nail perfectly
2. after applying and pressing the mold tip with gel on your nail, clean all the gel excess that comes out of the mold tip before curing it under UV/LED lamp to avoid filing the excess after curing. 
If you choose the right mold tip and put the right amount of the gel on the tip, after pressing on your nail there shouldn't be a lot of the excess gel (I didn't have any excess on last nails that I've done, but I had some excess on first two nails that I've done), but anyway remember that it's so much easier to clean it while the gel is still soft then filing it after the curing, when it gets very hard... :-)

In this post I will show you the photos of my procedure "step by step", I hope it could help you understand better all the steps. You can also see the final shape of the nail and the final result, after applying my nail polish.

nail filing

nail ready

nail after applying and curing UV gel base coat

nail with mold tip and gel, after curing

final nail, after shaping with file

final manicure

On my new nails made with UR Sugar Crystal quick building gel I applied BP Holographic polish BP H007 Ocean Kingdom, and in my next post you will see some nail art that I added on it! :-)

I hope you like my review and if you like UR Sugar Crystal quick building gel set you can find it here: 30ml Quick Poly Building Gel Slip Solution Nail False Mold Tips Spatula Brush Nail Files Crystal Cupitem ID: 42431.

I remind you that Born Pretty Store has a free shipping worldwide, often they also make very nice offers too and, if you need some extra help, you are welcome to use my coupon code CYL91, to get the 10% off on all your Born Pretty Store orders! :-)


  1. Amazing! They look like ballerina shaped nails, I like them very much! :-)

    1. Thank you! :-) I'm happy how they turned out! :-)

  2. You know what I am eyeing on this product ever since it's launched on BPS site, but unfortunately I won't be able to try it as I am allergic to gel products. :( But I really enjoy your post. Especially those transformation pics are amazing! <3

    1. Fortunately I don't have the problem with any kind of allergy... I'm sorry to hear that you are allergic to gel products, it makes your choices very limited, it's a pity...
      Thank you for your comment, I was pretty happy how these "new" nails turned out! :-)

  3. Dopada mi se "step by step" tutorijal, a i noktici su odlicni :-)

  4. I'd love to try the polygel! :-)

    1. I can recommend it, it works really nicely! :-)

  5. Bravo! Ovo je fenomenalno! Čak sam i ja, koja sebe smatram antitalentom za ovakve stvari, savršeno razumela tutorijal ☺ Rezultat je fantastičan! I lepe su ti ruke i prsti. Hvala!

    1. Sistem je bas ovakav, ovako funkcionise, samo sto naravno sve moze da se zakomplikuje i da se "upackas" kao prase... ali, na greskama se uci! :-)


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