Questa è una delle cose che mi piace fare - disegnare sulle unghie! Vi presento le mie creazioni...
Ovo je jedna od stvari koje volim da radim - oslikavanje noktiju! Predstavljam vam moje kreacije...
This is one of the things I enjoy doing - nail painting! I present to you my creations...

22 March, 2018

Born Pretty Store review: Christmas Limited Edition stamper & scraper set, Holographic stamping polish #05 and Stamping plate BP-141 - Holo pattern on matte green

Today I present to you some very nice nail art related products that were kindly sent to me from Born Pretty Store for this review :-)

The first product is Cristmas Limited Edition stamper & scraper set, you can find it on Born Pretty Store website with this name: BORN PRETTY Limited Edition Christmas Clear Snowflake Nail Art Stamper & Scraper, item ID: 41330

This Christmas stamper is a double sided stamper, it is made of transparent plastic decorated with white snowflake patterns, it has two silicon heads, their diameters are approximately 2,8 cm and 2,3 cm and the bigger one is suitable for stamping also on long nails. Each silicon head has a plastic cap that protects it from dust or damages when you store it.
The scraper is made of plastic, decorated with white floral patterns (or maybe stylized snowflake patterns), very light but perfectly functional and very useful! :-)

Born Pretty Store tips are to roll the stamper on the stamping plate to pick up the image in the best way and then to gently press your nail into the stamper for ideal result because if you roll the stamper over your nail it could distort the image a bit.
The other tip is to clean the stamper with a sticky tape or lint roller.

Of course, with transparent silicone head it is much easier to position the pattern on nails :-) I am sure that it will be very, very useful to me and it will become one of my new little helpers in creating many beautiful nail art stamping manicures! :-) 

The second product that I would like to present to you today is Holographic stamping polish #05. You can find it on Born Pretty Store website with this name: 6ml BORN PRETTY Holographic Stamping Polish Colorful Nail Art Plate Printing Polish Lacquer, item ID: 40995, #05.

This holographic stamping polish comes in a little 6ml bottle and you can start admiring it without opening the bottle, it looks amazing! :-) Then, when you finish your stamping manicure, you simply fall in love with it! It has a gorgeous holographic effect :-) 
There are 5 different colours of BP holographic stamping polishes and I think that after this one I will have to get some other colours! :-)

The third product that I used today is the stamping plate BP-141. You can find it on Born Pretty Store with this name: BORN PRETTY Round Stamping Plate Flower Vase 5.5cm Manicure Nail Art Image Plate BP-141, item ID: 40073.

The stamping plate BP-141 has one big abstract pattern coming out from a bottle, like a magic potion :-) Whatever piece of that patter you pick up, it will look perfect on your nails! :-) 

The stamping plate works perfectly, I didn't have any problem, it's engraved deeply enough to get perfect patterns and transfer them on your nails, the patterns are really clear and sharp! :-) I strongly recommend this stamping plate and all the BP stamping plate series! :-)

I remind you that Born Pretty Store has a free shipping worldwide, often they also make very nice offers too and, if you need some extra help, you are welcome to use my coupon code CYL91, to get the 10% off on all your Born Pretty Store orders! :-)

Here is my Holo pattern on matte green manicure, I hope you like it! :-)


  1. Amazing manicure! I love that holo stamping polish, I'd like to see it on white base! :-)

    1. Thank you! Yes, it's really nice and I will try it also on some white nail polish! :-)

  2. wow this is amazing & beautifull dear i realy love it.. online shopping in pakistan

  3. Fiquei com vontade de testar o carimbo.
    A sua carimbada ficou linda!
    Lily’s Nail
    Instagram @lilys_nail_

  4. Very nice and carefully painted nails.

  5. The transparent silicone head stamper sounds nice, I really need one because my old ones don't work anymore. The stamped mani is gorgeous and I am amazed how sharp the pattern came out because of the holo polish!

    1. Thank you, Andrea! :-) Well, there are a lot of transparent silicon head stampers, and also BPS has a lot of them, you just have to choose the one that you like most, I think that they all work nicely! The thing that positively surprised me (a lot!) is this holo stamping polish, I really like the final effect and I will have to try it on white base as soon as possible! :-)

  6. Divan manikir, plocica je preslatka a holo lak za stampanje izgleda perfektno :-)

    1. Hvala! :-) Holo lak za stampanje me je jako pozitivno iznenadio! :-)

  7. Beautiful maniure :)
    As for the stamper I have it too, but without snowflakes, just the regular version. It works really nice for me too :)

  8. That stamper looks very good and picking images beautifully. Thanks for a tip. <3


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