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10 December, 2013

Firmoo Eyeglasses Review

Hi, my lovely followers and readers! :-)

Today I’m going to write you about something not related to nails and nail art, the review is going to be a little bit long, but if you find the subject interesting then read it through, it's worth reading and there is a great offer at the end! :-)

I was recently contacted by an online optical store called Firmoo about receiving a pair of either prescription or non-prescription glasses to review on my blog.
I’ve never reviewed products not related to nails, nail polishes and nail art, but I seriously couldn’t miss this opportunity! :-)
I can’t see well without wearing either glasses or contact lenses, I thought it would be handy to have a back-up pair of glasses in case anything ever happened to the others, so I naturally decided to go the prescription eyeglass route with this program through Firmoo.

I bought my only pair of glasses in an eyeglasses store and I remember that I spent so much time there, concentrating on choosing the right pair of glasses for me, looking at the mirror and trying not to bother other people around me who were searching for their glasses too… and it was all very tiring…
Now I was wondering how I would feel choosing my glasses online, but I have to say that it was not a problem at all :-) 

From the first time I got contacted until I made my order I was helped and guided by lovely Laura, she was very kind and more than willing to help me find my new pair of glasses :-) So, I have to say that Firmoo has an excellent Customer Care service! :-) Thanks, Laura! :-)

Firmoo website is well organized, very easy to use and for me it was very interesting exploring it. It was an easy process finding the right pair of glasses for me! :-)
Firmoo has a great variety of frames available, rectangle, square, round, oval, rimless to semi-frame and plastic to metal, there is an incredible number of options, whether you’re male or female, so it’s really great!

One of my favourite parts about Firmoo is the virtual Try On View, it means that you can upload a picture of yourself to see how different frames look on your face! I found it very interesting and extremely useful! If you don’t happen to have your picture on hand, they have numerous different face types/sizes so you can see how frames look on them, but I highly recommend Try On View with your own photo, you can’t go wrong! :-)

Every frame has a detailed specification with all the necessary information like material, frame type, weight, lens width, lens height, bridge distance, total width, temple length (in mm and inches) and you can also find photos and reviews of other customers who bought the same frame.

When you find the frame that you like, you just have to add it to your shopping cart and follow the procedure. You need to insert some information from the prescription that you got from your ophthalmologist (sphere SPH, cylinder CYL, axis, near addition ADD) and your pupillary distance. If you don’t have your pupillary distance in your prescription, you can get it measured at your eyeglasses store, or you can measure it yourself using the how-to-measure-your- pupillary-distance-guide Firmoo gives you.

After the prescription information, you can choose your lens thickness, they go from Standard (1,5), Thin and light (1,57), Thinner and lighter (1,57 aspheric), MR-8 (similar to polycarbonate), Polycarbonate (1,59), Super-thin (1,60 aspheric), Ultra-thin (1,67 aspheric) and As thin as possible (1,74 aspheric).
Here you can choose also if you want your lenses to be polarized and you can select one of these colours: grey, brown, G-15 grey-green.

At the end, you can choose also some add-ons like anti-scratch, anti-reflective, UV coating, super hydrophobic water resistant A/R coating, oleophobic fingerprint resistant A/R coating, gradient tint, tint and photocromic.

So, as you can see, you can get your eyeglasses highly personalized! :-)

My eyeglasses were ready to be shipped two days after I made my order, you could wait a little bit longer if you choose some special add-ons like polarized lenses or something similar, because they will have to prepare and personalize your glasses the way you wanted them. Using my Firmoo account and tracking number that I got after they were shipped, I could follow exactly where my eyeglasses were day after day, until the day of delivery, and they arrived to me in 8 days from the day when I ordered them, which is very fast considering that they came from the other side of the world..! :-)


I chose #BC6149, unisexmetal semi-rimless square glasses, with a little help of virtual Try On View system of course, and I can tell you that I’m very happy with the choice that I made. They are exactly what I expected them to be: good quality, functional, light, comfortable, stylish and beautiful! I really love them! :-)

On these photos you can see my new eyeglasses, with their 2 complimentary cases (solid and soft), cleaning cloth and other accessories (some replacement pieces of plastic, extra screws and a tiny screwdriver). Yes, there are a lot of photos :-), I wanted to show you exactly how my eyeglasses look like, from any angle, so you could see that we’re talking about a real good quality product :-)

And, here I am, wearing my new eyeglasses! :-)
What do you think, do they suit me? :-)

I got this pair of eyeglasses for a review, so I didn’t pay anything, but I have to say that the prices of Firmoo eyeglasses are extremely reasonable.
You could ask yourself if the prices are so low is it because of the low quality of the glasses, but I assure you that you have nothing to worry about! The quality of Firmoo eyeglasses is highly competitive even if their prices are so inexpensive!
When I look at my first pair of eyeglasses and my new Firmoo eyeglasses one next to the other, and I remember how much I paid my first pair of glasses (I payed them way much more than I would pay for Firmoo eyeglasses with the same characteristics…), I’m quite sure that the next glasses I will buy will be Firmoo eyeglasses :-) 

So, why should you buy your next pair of eyeglasses from Firmoo? Aside from all the great things mentioned above, they have an amazing offer for you – First Pair Free Program!

This offer is for new customers only and it is limited to one pair. The eyeglasses include 1,50 index single vision lenses and they come with complimentary cases, cleaning cloth and other accessories. All you need to pay is the shipping rate!
Check out also the list of the countries Firmoo deliveres to.

I totally recommend Firmoo for your next purchase of prescription or non-prescription eyewear! :-)

If you're bloggers and you want to join Firmoo's cooperation click here Firmoo Business Cooperation to have further info.

For my lovely readers there is a $30 voucher code valid for two weeks if you want to buy one of the Classic Series eyeglasses:
The voucher code can be used 5 times and it expires in two weeks from now on, so hurry up and take advantage of this voucher code in time! :-)

I hope you liked my review. Let me know what you think about my new glasses, about Firmoo and feel free to make any question, I’ll be glad to help! :-)


  1. They suit you very well indeed - and It's soo cool to see you in person, you do not look like your avatar, you look much younger :)
    No, I would never buy glasses this way, I would always prefer a real shop where my glasses can be adjusted for optimal use :)

    1. I agree with Maria! very different from the profile picture. The glasses look very nice on you.

    2. Thank you, Maria and Lydz! :-) Oh, I guess it means that I should change my avatar as soon as possible! :-)
      About my new eyeglasses, I can only tell you that my experience is 100% positive and they are perfectly adjusted for me! :-)

  2. oho, a čak nisi čekala rođendan da se pokažeš ;)
    super ti stoje cvike, dobro si odabrala ali moram se nasmijati, jer su moje iste ovakve :D
    doduše ne iz firmoo-a jer oni ne šalju u hrvatsku, a već su mi stoput nudili suradnju koju sam iz istog razloga odbijala... a nove cvike bi mi uvijek dobro došle ;)

    1. :-) Pa na ovom blogu su glavne "zvezde" programa lakovi, manikiri i nail art :-) Da bih se bar malo, s vremena na vreme pokazala (a u pravu si, mislim da je ovo prvo "pokazivanje") treba mi prvo pola sata doterivanja i sminkanja :-)
      Sa Firmoo-m sam i ja imala slicno iskustvo pre godinu dana, tada su mi ponudili saradnju i kada sam prihvatila onda je odnekud izasla ta prepreka da ne salju u Italiju... U medjuvremenu se situacija promenila, tako da sada salju i u Italiju, pa smo uspesno saradjivali, na moje veliko zadovoljstvo :-) Stvarno nemam ni reci zamerke, i sto se tice odnosa sa korisnicima, brzine i kvaliteta naocara! :-)

    2. I ja sam kao i Zana preskocila suradjivat s njima jer ne shippaju ovdje, a i nekako review naocala mi se zasad ne uklapa u moj koncept. A ti si finu varijantu naocala odabrala, i ja volim taj oblik okvira

    3. Steta sto ne salju u mnoge zemlje :-/ Sto se naocara tice, super sam zadovoljna, a taj okvir sam odabrala jer su i moje prethodne naocare slicne i dobro mi stoje, u stvari to ja mislim da mi dobro stoje :-)

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  4. Naocare ti fino stoje! Steta je sto Firmoo ne salje proizvode u Srbiju, kao ni u mnoge druge zemlje...

    1. U pravu si, steta je sto ne salju naocare u mnoge zemlje, pretpostavljam da ce se i to vremenom promeniti.. :-)

  5. Oh you look so pretty!!!
    Yes the glasses suit you and I really love the way they "sit" on you. But you are soooo beautiful that I really doubt anything else wouldn't look just as good ;-))

    1. Thank you, my friend! :-)
      But, are you sure your eyes still function well? ;-)
      Maybe you should order one prescription eyeglasses from Firmoo :-)

  6. Se strinjam z Marias Nail Art ;)

  7. Hi.

    Would you be so kind to measure the Total Width of your glasses? I want to buy the same frame and I want to be sure if it's really 135 mm. Thank you,


    1. Yes, the total width is exactly 135mm :-)


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