Questa è una delle cose che mi piace fare - disegnare sulle unghie! Vi presento le mie creazioni...
Ovo je jedna od stvari koje volim da radim - oslikavanje noktiju! Predstavljam vam moje kreacije...
This is one of the things I enjoy doing - nail painting! I present to you my creations...

05 December, 2015

Born Pretty Store review: Stamping plate QA57 - Snowflakes on dark grey

Today I'm showing you the stamping plate QA57, you can find it on Born Pretty Store website with this name: Nail Art Stamp Template Beautiful Lace Snowflake Pattern QA57, item ID: 6457

Stamping plate QA57 is full of beautiful patterns that I call "winter patterns", they remind me of winter sweaters that I used to wear in my childhood, and it would be nice to wear them again, only if I found such beautiful patterns in real life sweaters :-)
For the manicure that I'm showing you today I used only snowflake patterns, there are five of them, one big and four smaller and I like all of them, they are so cute! :-)

I made this manicure very quickly, I didn't have any problem with the stamping plate, it's engraved deeply enough to get perfect patterns and transfer them on your nails, the patterns are really clear and sharp, which means beautiful nail art stamping manicures! :-)

I can highly recommend this stamping plate and you're welcome to use my coupon code CYL91 to get 10% off on all your Born Pretty Store orders :-)

Here is my manicure, Snowflakes on dark grey, I hope you like it! :-)

Pupa Denim Jeans n° 001 Dark Grey
Ya Qin An white stamping polish
stamping plate QA57
round silver nail art studs
Kiko 3 in 1 Shine fortifying fast dry base/top coat


  1. Divna plocica i savrsene pahuljice! :-)

    1. Hvala :-) Plocica je dusu dala za pahuljice! :-)

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you, Syla! I am happy how it came out! :-)

  3. Che belli i fiocchi sul nero!! Devo avere anch'io una plate festiva, spero ci sia anche la neve, mi piacerebbe provare a fare una manicure così!

    1. Grazie, Aly! :-) Una delle mie pattern invernali / festive preferite sono i fiocchi di neve :-)

  4. Replies
    1. Hvala! Mnogo volim pahuljice, svaki drugi dan bih ih stampala/crtala :-)


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