Questa è una delle cose che mi piace fare - disegnare sulle unghie! Vi presento le mie creazioni...
Ovo je jedna od stvari koje volim da radim - oslikavanje noktiju! Predstavljam vam moje kreacije...
This is one of the things I enjoy doing - nail painting! I present to you my creations...

28 May, 2014

Mont Bleu Blue pocket mirror Swarovski crystals inspired manicure

I was really happy with my new beautiful things that I got from Mont Bleu, I showed them to you yesterday in my post Mont Bleu products review: pocket mirror, key ring and bag hanger.

Making photos and reviewing my new Mont Bleu Blue pocket mirror I got the inspiration to create a kind of manicure that would look like a beautiful Swarovski crystals design on the top side of my mirror... 

So, this is what came out :-) 

If you like my manicure, you can make something similar using some nice metallic silver or holographic silver nail polish and using some nice rhinestones in different colours and shapes :-)

If you like my new mirror, you can find it here: Blue pocket mirror ACSP-06.4 :-)

Be sure to visit Swarovski Plastic Pocket Mirrors category to find many other beautiful Swarovski crystal decorated pocket mirrors :-)

I remind you that Mont Bleu was so kind to offer a special permanent 20% off code for all my followers and readers who would like to order some of their beautiful products :-) 
The code is: BLOG, if you use it in your shopping cart (box "Vouchers") you will get 20% off all the products you order! :-)

So, take your time and treat yourself with something beautiful! :-)

I hope you liked my manicure inspired by Mont Bleu Blue pocket mirror :-)

Thanks for reading! :-)


  1. That's a cool idea Tanja, it's a beautiful match!

    1. Thank you, Maria! :-) Well, these are not Swarovski crystal rhinestones, but the manicure came out nice :-)

  2. Wow, this is beyond awesome, I love how this mani looks!

  3. odlična manikura, a i ogledalce fantastično izgleda :D

    1. Hvala! :-) U kategoriji "ogledalca" mozes da izgubis glavu... :-)

  4. This is stunning and it looks perfect! Love it :-) Turned out really well :-D

  5. Hi,
    Very beautiful manicure, this mirror is a very good inspiration.

    1. Thank you, Catherine! :-) Yes, this mirror is beautiful! :-)

  6. lijepo mi je ogledalo al manikura mi je jos ljepsa :D


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