Questa è una delle cose che mi piace fare - disegnare sulle unghie! Vi presento le mie creazioni...
Ovo je jedna od stvari koje volim da radim - oslikavanje noktiju! Predstavljam vam moje kreacije...
This is one of the things I enjoy doing - nail painting! I present to you my creations...

25 May, 2012

Pupa Holographic Nail Polishes, Part One: 031 Light Green, 032 Emerald Green, 033 Sky Blue

Vi presento alcuni smalti Pupa Holographic / Predstavljam vam nekoliko lakova za nokte Pupa Holographic / I present to you some Pupa Holographic nail polishes: 
031 Light Green
032 Emerald Green
033 Sky Blue

Fotografie: fuori al sole, due strati di smalto, senza top coat.
Fotografije: napolju na suncu, dva sloja laka, bez top coat-a.
Photographs: outside in the sun, two layers of nail polish, without top coat.

Pupa Holographic Nail Polish 031 Light Green

Pupa Holographic Nail Polish 032 Emerald Green

Pupa Holographic Nail Polish 033 Sky Blue


  1. sreca da si ih sve stavila u jedan post, pa da ne moram cvilit triput. ajme ajme ovaj plavi :D sreca da sam danas uspjela nac jedan solidan holo lak pa da nisam previse heartbroken

    1. Оh, mislim da ćeš tek sutra cviliti, jer dolazi još jedna grupa (ovaj post je Part One, sutra će biti Part Two) i dolazi još jedan plavi koji je moj omiljeni, pa ćeš mi reći da li ga menjaš za ovaj današnji plavi...!
      I da znaš, mnogo su dobri, mislim da bi i jedan "bogat" sloj bio dovoljan za potpunu pokrivenost! Samo su maaaaliiii... dođe mi da odmah kupim "zalihe" :-)

  2. They look like pretty shades, but how strong is the holo IRL - it's a bit difficult jo judge from the photos...?

    1. Honestly, these are the first holographic nail polishes that I have, so I really can't compare them to some other holographic nail polishes and give you a good answer :-/
      The truth is that for me it's difficult to "catch" the holo effect on the photos, but in real life you can see that holo effect, it exists :-) In my next post Pupa Holographic Nail Polishes Part Two I made one more type of photo, trying to "catch" and show this holo effect.
      Also, in the last month I'm trying to get fixed my Nikon reflex which doesn't work like it should and I use an old photographic camera that is not so good, so I'm almost never sattisfied with the photos lately... I hope to fix the other one soon! :-)
      Anyway, I like all of these holographic nail polishes because the shades are really beautiful :-)

    2. Thank you for the reply - and good luck with fixing the camera, it's frustrating if they do not work...

    3. Thanks, I hope I will fix it soon, because I really notice the difference between two cameras..
      As for holo nail polishes, I think my cousin Mateja from the blog Rainbows and Blues will help us about this (when she reads our comments), because I know she has some Layla holographic polishes and some Pupa holographic polishes too :-)
      So, Mateja, when you read this, please write something, we need your help! :-)

    4. Here I am!! =) I typed this comment already, but then I found out it was in Slovenian and that it would not help to you Marias, so I tried to translate it as good as I can. =)
      First I would like to say that out of these three polishes I like Emerald Green the most and because of you Tanja, I already have it, thank you sooo much!***
      I can compare these polishes to many other holographic ones, I'm just that huge holo freak. ;) They are holographic and pretty and I have never seen such opaque holographic polishes as these Pupas are, you only need one coat!! Colors are also amazing, but if you are searching for that crazy rainbow, I would recommend you Layla polishes more. But with Laylas application can be much more hard... So every holo polish has it's cons and pros, but these Pupas are great if you are in the rush, but next day you still have that pretty rainbow effect. ;)
      And Tanja, this effect is easiest to capture under strong sun or with flash. I hope you will fix your camera soon. :)

    5. Thank you for your explanation, I knew I could count on your help, you beautiful holo freak! :-)
      When I made these photos it was something around 13h and the sun was there on the sky... so I guess it's my camera that "kills" the holo effect, hihihi... :-)

    6. No problem, hihi! =)) So it looks like our camera gets crazy over holos as much as I do. ;D And Tanja - I don't recommend you to walk into Layla polish store. After seing that you bought all Pupas, you would be in great danger to buy all Layla's as well, because they are totally different. ;)

    7. After this experience, I will try to stay away from any kind of nail polish shop for a while... it would be too much for my poor wallet, hihihihi... :-)

    8. Thank you ladies :)
      It's amazing that it only needs one coat, really amazing! I have quite a few strong holo's HTF old ones from Sally Hansen and China Glaze, and new ones from Glitter Gal and others.

    9. It is amazing but it's true! And luckily one coat is all you need because the bottles are so small... too small...! :-)


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