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This is one of the things I enjoy doing - nail painting! I present to you my creations...

10 July, 2019

Jupitoo sunglasses review

Hi, my lovely followers and readers! :-)

Today I’m going to write you about something not related to nails and nail art, the review is going to be a little bit long, but I hope that you'll find the subject interesting, it's worth reading! :-)

I was recently contacted by an online optical store called Jupitoo about receiving a pair of sunglasses to review on my blog.
I’ve rarely reviewed products not related to nails, nail polishes and nail art, but I seriously couldn’t miss this opportunity! :-)

Jupitoo is an online shopping store where you can find a lot of prescription glasses and sunglasses at great prices! It is well organized, very easy to use and for me it was very interesting exploring it.

Jupitoo has a team of more than 150 optical specialists to ensure that every product that is produced is of superb quality.

Jupitoo has a great variety of frames available, rectangle, square, round, oval, rimless to semi-rimless and full-frame and acetate to metal, titanium and mixed, there is an incredible number of options, whether you’re male or female, so it’s really great!

Every frame has a detailed specification with all the necessary information like material, frame type, frame width, lens width, lens height, bridge distance, temple length and all the colours available.

As I was offered a pair of sunglasses, I didn’t have to think about the prescription, pupillary distance etc. and the process of finding the right pair of sunglasses for me was very, very simple! :-)

I chose Round Sunglasses 015 and I’m happy with the choice I made :-) 
These sunglasses are exactly what I expected them to be: good quality, functional, light, comfortable, stylish and beautiful! :-)

Using the tracking number that I got after they were shipped, I could follow exactly where my eyeglasses were day after day, until the day of delivery, and they arrived to me in about 2 weeks from the day when I ordered them, which is very fast considering that they came from the other side of the world and considering some very strange postal issues and delays here in Italy..! :-)

The quality of Jupitoo sunglasses is highly competitive! 
I totally recommend Jupitoo for your next purchase of prescription or non-prescription eyewear! :-)

On these photos you can see my new sunglasses, with their box, 2 complimentary cases (solid and soft) and their cleaning cloths.
Yes, there are a lot of photos in this post :-), I wanted to show you exactly how my sunglasses look like, from any angle, so you could see that we’re talking about a real good quality product :-)

And, here I am, wearing my new sunglasses! :-)
What do you think, do they suit me? :-)

I hope you liked my review. Let me know what you think about my new glasses, about Jupitoo and feel free to make any question, I’ll be glad to help! :-)

Once again I thank very kind Henry that contacted me and Jupitoo for sending me this pair of sunglasses, I enjoy them very much! :-)

Here is where you can find Jupitoo:

Jupitoo website


  1. Óculos lindo,eu amei o modelo dele.

    Beijos :*
    Eu Vou de Esmalte

  2. Vrlo zanimljive, svidja mi se ta ljubicasta boja, a cini mi se i da dobro stite od sunca :-)

    1. Hvala! :-) Bila sam neodlucna izmedju plavog i ljubicastog okvira i odsjaja, na kraju sam se odlucila za ljubicasti :-) Da, da, bas lepo zatamne prejaku svetlost sunca :-)


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