Questa è una delle cose che mi piace fare - disegnare sulle unghie! Vi presento le mie creazioni...
Ovo je jedna od stvari koje volim da radim - oslikavanje noktiju! Predstavljam vam moje kreacije...
This is one of the things I enjoy doing - nail painting! I present to you my creations...

01 June, 2016

Born Pretty Store review: UV gel manicure related products and BP UV chameleon gel polish 016#

From the day when I started blogging I made various experiments and tried many various nail art techniques. 
They were related to nail polishes, free-hand nail art using nail polishes and/or acrylic colours, dots, flowers, stripes, abstract designs, using many types of rhinestones…  
Free-hand drawing is the thing that I love most, it was my first love and it is still my biggest love! :-)

Then I decided to try also a new technique – stamping, because I really loved many stamping manicures made by other bloggers, some of them are so perfect and detailed that they were breathtaking..! 
At the beginning I didn’t have a lot of success, but after a lot of practice, with a lot of patience and stubborness I got better and better and now I’m happy with my results in stamping .. 
I am also thankful to Tina, my Born Pretty Store contact and friend, for all useful materials that she sent me (stamping plates, stamping polishes, stampers…) and for all useful suggestions that she gave me; she was the first one that believed in me and I am happy to see her sattisfied with my stamping results!

At the beginning of this year, I started thinking about something new that I could try to do on my nails, something that I never tried before – UV gel polishes. 
I was curious to try also this technique, but it seemed to me like a big and serious project and I felt insecure with myself, just like I felt when I started stamping.. 
Thanks to Tina I got the UV lamp, some other UV manicure related products and many really nice UV gel polishes, and I got the opportunity to start experimenting… 
I started with the basics and I know that there are so many things to learn, but all the beautiful UV gel manicures that I saw on various blogs and in video tutorials give me a strong wish to continue learning, hoping that also I will get beautiful results one day! :-)
Wish me luck! :-)

Today I'm glad to present you some basic UV manicure related products that I got :-)

UV nail curing lamp, you can find it on Born Pretty Store website with this name: 36W UV NAIL CURING LAMP + 9W LIGHT BULB Gel Art(Random Color), item ID: 367.

This UV lamp is ideal for all your UV gel polish manicures. It's power is 36W, four 9W UV lamps are included, it has also a 120 seconds timer and it works perfectly! 
It's simple and easy to use, I used it with my Born Pretty UV gel polishes and I'm very happy with the results! :-)

UV protection gloves are another UV related product that I got, you can find them with this name: UV Protection Gloves UV Gel Anti-ultraviolet Gloves, item ID: 1686
These gloves protect your skin while you're doing your UV manicures, so I highly reccomend them! :-) 

Aluminium foil, you can find it with this name: Thicken Tinfoil for Hair Salon Hair Acrylic Nail Remover, item ID: 1693This aluminium foil is thicker than normal kitchen aluminium foil, but this makes it perfect for taking off uv gel polish; it helps you wrap cotton pads with acetone to your nails very firmly, it is very resistant. :-)

Gel off clips, another UV related product that you can find on BPS website with this name: 5pcs Orange Wearable Nail Soakers Tips Polish Remover Acrylic UV Gel Removal Tool + 1M Tinfoil, item ID: 6735.

These gel off clips are the product that gave me a lot of fun, they seem crazy but they do the work; they help cotton pad stay firmly on nails while the acetone is doing it's work on gel nail polish, so they are very useful during soaking off :-)

I remind you that Born Pretty Store has a free shipping worldwide, and, if you need some extra help, you are welcome to use my coupon code CYL91, to get the 10% off on all your Born Pretty Store orders! :-)

Today I also present you one of BP UV chameleon gel polishes :-)
I think that the whole collection is amazing, so it is really difficult to choose just one or two of them... Here is one of my favourites, BP UV chameleon gel polish 016#, I hope you like it as much as I do! :-)


  1. Love the UV polish color and shine! Unfortunately the Singapore post changed their politics and don't send anymore liquids to our country, so I can not try them and I am super sad :((

    1. It's a pity that they don't send to your country, I can really recommend BP UV gel polishes and they have an amazing choice of colours and shades...

  2. I've never tried UV gels. Maybe in the future. Although I love to change my manicure every 3-4 days so I think I'll stick to traditional nail polish :)

    1. Also I love to change my manicure, every day if I have free time :-) but anyway I wanted to try UV gel polishes and I think that in many situations they can be a good solution, for example when you know that you will not have free time and you need a manicure that can last at least one week, or maybe when you're on holiday and stay out of your city or country... :-)

  3. I don't think I ever will try - but who knows, maybe one day...
    Those clips are ones that really requires a lot of cotton and liquid, I have fortunately found some more economical :D

    1. I like to change my manicure every day, or almost every day, but sometimes I would like to have a manicure that could last one week without becoming ugly and damaged, and with normal nail polishes and kind of job that I do it's impossible... With UV gel polishes having a beautiful manicure for one whole week is not a problem anymore :-)

  4. Chameleon kolekcija je prekrasna, divne boje i divan sjaj :-)


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