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This is one of the things I enjoy doing - nail painting! I present to you my creations...

14 September, 2015

SWIG Hip Flask review - SWIG Harris Tweed Red Flask

Today I would like to present to you this very particular product that was kindly sent from SWIG company to me for my honest review, it's a hip flask :-)

SWIG is a worldwide luxury hip flask brand. It was set up in 2013 to produce and sell Amazing Hip Flasks. They are amazing indeed!!!
SWIG was born when the lightning storm of fate struck the electrolyte water of destiny, creating the wiggling proteins of inspiration, and I realised just how bloody hard it is to a buy a man a gift.”
You can read the first chapter of their story right here, it is very interesting and I liked the energy that I found “between the lines”..!
And, as they say:  “SWIG’s story has only just begun, I hope you’ve enjoyed the first chapter”, I really think that their story has only just begun and I have the feeling that they will go a long way..! :-)

When Daniel Johnson from SWIG contacted me asking me if I would like to review one of their flasks, first I didn’t feel like it has anything to do with my blog that is dedicated to nail art, but then I thought that it would be something interesting to try and that I could make some nice manicure to match the product to review…  :-) 
And, when I saw those flasks it was love at first sight! :-) So, here I am with my beautiful SWIG  flask,  a SWIG Harris Tweed – Red Flask :-)

I received this elegant black box wrapped in a light blue ribbon, it contained the flask and it’s sleeve, nested on a satin-like fabric paisley cushion that gives a really classy look to the box.

The flask itself holds 170ml (6oz) of liquid and is of a seamless stainless steel construction, leakages impossible! 
It’s very smooth, has pleasingly rounded corners and is polished to a mirror finish, the cleaning is very easy, a microfibre cloth works out perfectly. 
The base of the flask is flat, allowing it to stand upright for filling.

I thought it would weight more, but I was pleasantly surprised to find it much more light than I expected it to be.

The screw cap, while small has a surprising weight to it as well. Both the flask and lid are engraved with the brand name and the body of the flask also carries a unique flask number, which is not only the production number of the flask, but also our personal SWIG Society membership number. It’s an exclusive club just for SWIG owners. 

The sleeve is made of tweed, it’s looks beautiful, unique and it’s also nice to touch, it gives a sensation of warmth that I simply love.

SWIG puts a lot of effort into quality of their products and they give a lifetime guarantee on their flasks, they are designed to last for generations.

SWIG Hip Flask would make an excellent gift to persons that are important to you. There are a bunch of sleeves and various options available; there are several different colours of leather sleeve, Harris Tweed sleeves, engraving options, a filling funnel… so the hardest thing is what to choose…

This beautiful SWIG flask will soon find it’s new home, it will be a perfect gift for my father and my mother. They are retired now and one of their “hobbies” is also preparing fruit “grappa” – alcoholic beverage made of fruits that grow around our weekend house, especially plums. The original serbian name is rakija šljivovica and my parents are very proud of their product, they make a lot of it every year, for their personal use and for their friends and family. I am sure that they will adore this beautiful SWIG flask, a real high value and high quality product, and I guess it will have also a sentimental value for them..

I send a really huge "thank you!" to Daniel and to all nice SWIG people, for giving me the opportunity to try and to own such a beautiful product, and soon also my parents will have it, fill it with their own “šljivovica” and enjoy using it!

I hope that you liked my review and my beautiful SWIG HarrisTweed – Red Flask :-)

If you would like to find out something more about SWIG and all their products, you can find/contact them contact using the links bellow:

At the end of this review, here is something extra for all my nail-art followers and readers… 

First, David's tweet that made me laugh really loudly: “Ladies! Want your man to finally notice your manicure? Buy a hip flask and he certainly will!” :-) :-) :-)

Then, this is my manicure inspired by my SWIG Harris Tweed – Red Flask 
You can read more about my manicure and how I made it in my next post, coming soon :-)


  1. I love the matching mani to the sleeve. I didn't knew anything about this brand, I love the story of it!

    1. Thank you, Andrea! Yes, it's quite an amazing story and the flasks are gorgeous! :-)

  2. The tween is very pretty, both on the flask and the nails!

    1. I love tweed, it's so nice to touch and it makes a perfect match with the flask! :-)

  3. ha!! My hubby would love this thing!! and I love your matching mani, of course =))

    1. Thank you! :-)
      Well, SWIG flasks are really gorgeous! You could make a present to your hubby! :-)

  4. haha, nek se šljive uvijek nađe u blizini, ova bi količina trebala biti sasvim dovoljna ;)


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